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The Healing of a Broken Vessel

ISBN-13: 978-1727027730

The Healing of A Broken Vessel speaks to emotional, sexual and spiritual bondage. It will provoke readers to embrace the healing power of Christ in order to fulfill their destiny. The message in this offering resonates with an anointing that breaks every dysfunctional yoke. The powerful testimonies within the pages will assist readers in discovering victorious living for them is indeed possible, even in the aftermath of abuse. Finally, you will feel a sense of empowerment as you journey with the writer from a traumatized broken individual to one that is whole, free and redeemed in CHRIST! 

​This book came from the heart.  I found it engaging highly recommend it for someone who is looking for healing. Annette P. - January 10, 2020


Chambers of the Believing Heart

ISBN-13: 978-1790822607

Chambers of the Believing Heart invites believers to become more aware of the deep emotional ties that can defeat them in pursuing a deeper walk with God. This book offers a reflective glance at ways we either deflect or embrace our God given assignment. It is full of testimonies, scripture references and practical examples that  inspires readers. It illustrates the central theme which is if we allow God to minister to our areas of brokenness, we can enjoy complete victory in our spiritual life. Success for the believer is found within the deepest place of our heart where God reveals our purpose in this dispensation. 

A wonderful, simple breakdown of instructions of God. Denise speaks to a woman's heart about the bible in a straight forward manner.

Monica D. - February, 2019


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